Big slide problem update (again :-(

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Big slide problem update (again :-(

Postby markj » Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:23 am

I had posted a thread about my slide coming in too far at the top, and not far enough at the bottom. Here's the latest.

Mine must have been built on a Friday afternoon, with a keg of beer awaiting the workers!

My dealer has contacted Forest river on it, adjusted it so if fit properly. I took it home, although they were still waiting for the vertical trim pieces to arrive to install (the slide ruined the old ones by coming in too far at the top). After my fishing trip, I retracted the slide--it fit properly. By the time I got home, I guess the vibration caused the slide to come in maybe 1/2" at the top--again in position to ruin the vertical trim--luckily they didn't replace it yet. So, I returned it to the dealer--it's there now. They said they'd contact FR AGAIN, maybe mine needs to go back to the factory (yeah, right--Indiana?) So, I'm waiting. I told them to keep it until it's fixed right--I'm tired of spending $30 each time I return it for service.

And the drama goes on.............. Hmmm--I wonder if the "lemon law" would apply here?
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Postby Future Fulltimers » Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:41 am

I had a similar problem with mine. Come to find out that the weld that attaches the slide arm to the slide broke loose. The dealer re-welded it; adjusted it and all is well again. Hope yours is something simple.
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Postby tagilles » Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:59 am

Ours will probably go back to Indiana from California for Slide-out work. The toe-kick on the Bunkhouse slide hits the interier wall when it's retracted into the trail causing the molding and the foe-wood paneling to come off the wall. The slide's frame is metal so the dealer can't fix it. F.R. has said they will have to hire a transport company to take it either to LA or all the way to Indiana for the repair. So don't laugh when you think of them taking your trailer to the factory for repair. Also ask for an extention on the manucaturers warranty and for them to make the payments on your loan(if u have one) for the months that your unit is in the shop.

Washington's Lemon-Law is probably very similar to California's, being they are very comsumer friendly. I would definatly look into that possibility, I am.

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