Yeah! We're in our new SB 35

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Yeah! We're in our new SB 35

Postby bilmorvn » Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:53 pm

Picked up our 2008 35 SB over last weekend. We had cancelled our order because of the change in floorpalns which put the w/d in the front closet. We had to compromise some, but the unit is very nice, especially now that we are getting settled. Can't believe we have so much stuff. Still getting organized and finding places to put things. Also getting rid of a bunch--certain things don't fit and it was time for spring cleaning anyway!

We parked door to door with the old rig and took 5 gal buckets to carry stuff. DW was suffering from a back problem. The dogs were confused and wanted to return to the old rig after every walk. Started late Fri pm and finished in the late morning on Sun. Raced the weather on Sunday. The 5W was nicely washed and didn't want to get it dirty! Worried about thunderstorms, etc. A tornado did cross our path back to AL, but about four hrs. later.

Only about a 100 mile trip, so not much of a shake down cruise. Only bad thing so far was that someone at the factory wanted to save money and/or time, by not putting all the screws in the hanging rod in the front closet. They skipped every other hole and in one place, it was two holes. That is where the rod ripped from the overhead shelf. Can't expect a tiny screw into luan to hold up any clothes.

DW loves having the two refrigerators. Icemaker is nice, too. The biggest surprise was the fireplace. An item we would never order, but came with the only 35 SB we could find locally. We both love it and the flames are so realistic and it generates a nice heat, too. Don't use the sound effects. She also is in love with the 2100 XC W/D como and has used it several times a day getting caught up.

More impressions later. In the confusion of moving, misplaced the power cord to the computer and just found it. Now to figure out where to put the computer and stuff. Do miss the desk in the old rig, but that is the only thing. True to its crappy self--one of the front jacks broke when the dealer tried to move it.
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Postby Luizianna » Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:51 pm

Well CONGRATULATIONS!! I know you both are so excited!! Enjoy and keep us posted!!

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