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Re: Spring Maintenance

Postby jacknife » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:00 pm

Having 3.5 million miles of staring out the windshield watching the world go by , I have always followed the OEM recommendations on oil changes. In the 80s 10,000 was the norm. the last rig I owned it was 25,000 . The strides in the composition of todays oils are nothing short of unbelievable . The OEMs are not going to put themselves on a limb by giving you intervals that would shorten the life or harm the engine. Why waste money throwing perfectly good oil out ? Changing oil more often may bring you piece of mind but it tells you absolutely nothing about what is going on in your engine. An oil analysis will, it will provide you with wear data and a myriad of other data that if taken every oil change will show any trends or drastic change that you may catch before it becomes a catastrophe . it will even tell you how much oil life you have left so you can adjust your oil change intervals. Oil analysis is the blood test of your engine. Adding additives to the newer oils just screws up the oils composition. These are not my opinions , people much smarter then I have written extensively on this subject. Just passing on what i have read and remembered. :-B
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