Spare Tire Age!

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Spare Tire Age!

Postby snoking » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:33 pm

Getting new Bridgestone tires on the truck tomorrow. So I lowed the spare down! It was born 46 week of 2000!

So it will be recycled and the best of the 6 year old 50k take offs will get mounted in its place on the steel rim.

Got to think about the 10 year old unused XPS RIB hanging under the trailer one of these days also.

On edit: I just checked the air pressure in this spare tire for the first time in many many years. 58.5 lbs in this old LTX A&S, leads me to believe that Michelin builds pretty good tires. Anyone need a brand new tire? =))


Re: Spare Tire Age!

Postby snoking » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:50 am

Never trust a tire jockey. I had Costco install new Bridgestone Duravis R500 HD tires this morning.

First they argued that LT265/75R16E are not the right tire for the truck. I said they are the optional larger OEM tires and 8" wide OEM wheels, and not noted on placard. And that LT245's would not be good on these wheels.

Then I asked that they not put 80 lbs inflation in the rear tires as their paper work indicated, as the truck currently in not loaded. I requested the rears be set at 44 lbs. That sent them into outer space! The tech came back and told me that at 44 lbs the tire only had 2000 pounds of carrying capacity! I said that is fine it weighs around 2800 lbs on the rear axle.

They ask why I was installing commercial grade tires on my pickup, and I said most of the miles are towing a 5th wheel!

When they were done the rears looked to have a very short foot print. I took it for a short drive and did not like the handling or ride. I then checked the tire pressure and all were around 67 pounds, so they had inflated them all to 65 pounds. After adjusting the fronts to 59 and rears to 46, it drives similar to what it did before. 65 lbs is what is required for the 5300 FGAWR, and I am around a 1000 pounds under that.

These R500 HD are 55 lbs each! If will be interesting how they perform. I see claims of over a 100k miles out of them. Just hope the truck is not to squirrely when not loaded.


Re: Spare Tire Age!

Postby EAW » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:31 am

By knowing all of the research you have done on tires, I would say that the "tire jockey" showed up at a gun fight with a knife. =))
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