Docking Station Sealant

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Docking Station Sealant

Postby Olbird » Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:44 pm

While installing my electric water hose reel I had to remove the plastic access door in the bottom of the docking station. After removing the plastic door insert I was not happy to see no sealant was applied to prevent water from flowing under the insert onto the wood floor.
I know when flushing black tank and disconnecting city water it is normal for water to drip in the pan area, but I do not want it going under the floor.
I suggest you remove the plastic access door and lift the pan off the floor a little and seal around the area well, at the same time seal along the side wall and the pan to make it water tight.
I applied sealant up about a inch along the wall so if I ever get a leaking hose the water will drain out the access door and never get under the pan onto the floor.

It will not take long for the floor to rot if the floor was to stay wet from dripping hose or water getting under the dock station from normal disconnecting.
Another Mod I made is I can now flush the black tank from the water system, I install a second check valve in the flush system and a built in Water pressure regulator in the electric hose reel system.

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Re: Docking Station Sealant

Postby teallen » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:04 am

Thanks George, I was going to fix some outside sealant today, will look at that too.
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