Railroad Grade Crossings

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Railroad Grade Crossings

Postby Chief409 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:48 am

Since I work for a railroad, and see the aftermath or hear reports both at work and in the news, of RR Grade Crossing accidents I'll post this YouTube video of a RR Grade Crossing accident, AS IT HAPPENED, that occurred a couple days ago. The truck driver, whose low boy trailer high centered in the crossing, saw the train coming and bailed out, wasn't injured. The locomotive train conductor, sitting in the left seat, was admitted to the hospital, the engineer sitting on the right side of the locomotive cab, was admitted and later released from the hospital. Two locomotives and 8 cars were derailed.

Folks, an 18,000 ton train can't stop in less then a mile and one half traveling at 60 mph. By Federal rules, grade crossings activate around 15 seconds before a train, traveling at the max speed allowed in that section of track arrives at the crossing. All locomotive's are equipped with forward looking video cameras, and on my railroad IN CAB video cameras and voice recorders are being installed. In addition there are "black box" recorders in the locomotives, and there are devices along the track that also record and report via data link, some also over the dispatcher radio channel, a train's speed. Train crew's are not even tempted to speed. Violations means either suspension without pay, or dismissal for the train crew. In addition ALL automatic grade crossings are equipped with recorders monitoring operation. Malfunction of a grade crossing, is repaired ASAP and speed restrictions, or stop and walk the train across the highway is done until the grade crossing equipment is repaired. Depends on the malfunction which procedure is used. If YOU notice any grade crossing malfunction, broken gate arm, light(s) burned out, alarm bells or horns not working, PLEASE call the 800 telephone number posted on the equipment hut. You'll get a live person, not a recording.

So grade crossing accidents at locations with grade crossing gates occur when someone stops on the tracks, drives around the gate arms, or just don't stop and run into the train. Don't forget, there may be more then one track, the train on the far track mostly will be traveling opposite direction of a train that just passed, and likely will be hidden by the train that just passed on the near track. Always wait until the arms are up and the lights are off before proceeding.

I'll warn you, this is Ugly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuH1Ogd ... video_user
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