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Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:02 am
by kwralph
We are looking at a new Blue Ridge and trying to compare to the Cardinal.
Since they come off the same line what are the main things that make them considerably less expensive. Of course the options make a difference but it is hard to decide since no two have the same options. In other words are we comparing say a Chevy to a gmc . Or a buick to a chevy ?
They seem very close so why the difference in price ?


Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:08 am
by Big Bird
Hi Kenny,

Good to hear from you, we miss you. The Blue Ridge is a Cardinal with fewer standard extras. Mike may be able to elaborate in greater detail, but that is my understanding. My brother has one and that is his impression too.

Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:27 am
by sew2bhappy
The following post is from July 2014 but may still have some valid information. Posted by Olbird


It says

"As we try to make a good decision while shopping for anything in todays market place it is always best to have a comparison.
Below is a comparison list of the major differences between the two brands, let me start out by saying that both Cardinal and Blue Ridge are built side by side with the same high construction quality.
In the late 90's Forest River started building the Cardinal model, around 2003 - 2004 FR had the Cardinal Standard, Cardinal LE, and the top of the line Platinum Cardinal ( call by FR Luxury you can afford), in 2005 the Platinum Cardinal went away.
For years after 2004 the Cardinal Standard was considered by FR the top of the line Luxury model, while the LE was considered by FR their (Luxury you can afford model at a affordable price), at that time you could order most all the options that was standard on the Cardinal Standard.

Sometime in 2009 FR introduced the Blue Ridge and dropped the Cardinal LE, the first Blue Ridge was Red, White and Blue with Black border outlines on all the doors etc.

Blue Ridge

Floor - 2" Thick Wood Laminated
Cabinet Frames - Vinyl Wrapped Wood
Cabinet Hinges - Exposed
Slide Fascia Trim- Vinyl Wrapped
Frame / Axles- 10”/ 6K under 39’ long
Bath Sink - Molded 2 Piece Plastic
Shower - Plastic Hose with Solid Mount
Kitchen Sink - Standard Size -Low Faucet
Closet / Drawers - Non Cedar Lined
Hot Water Heat - 10 Gal.
Rear Outside Wall - Vacuum Bonded
Tanks - Non Heated ( optional)
Slides - Individual Slide Control Block Operation ( optional)
Paint Package - No Options
Bedroom TV ( optional)
Standard Awning


Floor - 3” Thick Aluminum Laminated
Cabinet Frames - Solid Cherry Hardwood
Cabinet Hinges - Hidden
Slide Fascia Trim- Solid Cherry Hardwood
Frame / Axles- 12”/ 7K Over 35’- 6” long
Bath Sink - Solid One Piece Intergrated
Shower - Flex Hose with Slide Mount
Kitchen Sink - Super Large - High Faucet
Closet / Drawers - Cedar Lined
Hot Water Heat - 12 Gal.
Rear Wall - Molded Fiberglass Cap
Tanks - Heated ( Standard)
Slides - Includes Individual Slide Control Block Operation
Paint Package - Two Options ( Full with clear coat & Partial Paint Stripes)
Bedroom TV ( standard)
2nd Awning
Metal wrap awning covers

As you can see not many differences but both will provide attractions for all buyers in the market, Blue Ridge floor plans include units for more family camping at a slightly lower price range, Cardinal floor plans are catering to more full time folks wanting the larger units.
Both units will make you happy and proud owners with full access to the Cardinal Club benefits."

Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:36 am
by sew2bhappy
And you're getting closer to us! We are in Eloy, AZ. It's about 10 miles south of Casa Grande. There have been other Cardinal members here off and on. Currently it's Secondhandmike (Mike and Cherryl Clem) and us Platos in our birds. Linda and Gary Knueven are here too. Jacknife (Nick and Ann) just pulled out a few days ago. Jim and Sue Shuman were here a couple weeks ago. If you decide you want to head east a bit more come join us! We are in Silverado RV Resort (formerly Desert Valley). $350 + electric per month.

Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:36 pm
by kwralph
Now I can see the reasons for the cost difference. We have been able to see a couple of blue ridges and several cardinals. without your help it would have been tough to spot the difference. thanks for all the help.


Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:48 pm
by Mike Clay
Except your analogy sucks lol

Re: Blue Ridge less expensive

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:56 pm
by Major
We bought a Blue Ridge mainly because we really liked the dealer (had bought another RV from them about 15 years before) and did not like the nearby Cardinal dealer (just was not willing to deal, so... goodbye!). We have been very happy with the Blue Ridge. A lot of the Cardinal features listed above (Floor - 3” Thick Aluminum Laminated, Bath Sink - Solid One Piece Integrated, Shower - Flex Hose with Slide Mount, Kitchen Sink - Super Large - High Faucet, Closet / Drawers - Cedar Lined, Hot Water Heat - 12 Gal., Tanks - Heated, Slides - Includes Individual Slide Control Block Operation) came on our Blue Ridge, plus a lot more options not listed above. I suppose it was ordered that way by the dealer to give them a little higher end unit to sell.

The one feature that sold me on it when we bought it was the six point Level-Up system. I'm 60 years old now and the hassle of putting blocks under the wheels to level the RV side-to-side was really getting to be a pain for me. I recommend that to anyone getting a bit older and facing some health issues.

Yea, even though the Blue Ridge is not as high end as the Cardinal, we have not regretted our decision. :D